Monday, July 26, 2010

We will miss you, darlin!

Ordz, I didnt know you that well but omg I felt so close to you through your blogs! Your blogs have made me feel soo happy and at peace but now I will never be able to read them ever again ;_;

I cant believe you have passed away. I have just started getting into your second blog and this is like a knife in my heart!! Well I am not one who can explain how I feel through words so I shall share this poem to the world so that People will know how much you were loved! People will also be able to read your blogs and know the part of you that I have grown to love and respect!!!

R.I.P. and I will always remember you!!


For hours, I sit staring solemnly at the phone
Waiting for it to ring.
Time is short they say
A decade but a drop in the ocean of eternity
What then must an hour be?
A cell on the hairs of a flea in the infinity of the universe.
An hour ago, I could have picked up that phone
And heard your voice.
I could have made a joke and heard your laugh.
An hour ago.
A portion of time so insignificant to the universe
A wind in the vast emptiness of space
A portion of time I would give anything to have again.
There is so much I could have told you
Asked you
Showed you...
An hour ago
So still I sit....staring at the phone
Wishing it were an hour ago
Or a day ago, or a week ago, or a month ago, or a year ago...
It’s said that life is short
Life IS short
Love is not
I loved you before I met you
I loved you before we spoke
I loved you before we laughed
I loved you before we cried
I would have loved you even if I had never met you at all.
I will love you now...long after you’re gone
Death is for the living
The dead know only life.
It’s difficult to feel sad for you
Knowing that you’re free from all the limitations of life
Whether you’re in a better place,
Or just at peace
You are certainly not angry, or sad, or frightened, or in pain.
Those are sensations and emotions interpreted by your body
The body you’ve left behind
Something tangible for the living
To aid our memories
I’ll go to your funeral and tell you bye
But you’ve already left
I’ll sit at night and speak to you
But you’ve heard everything I have to say
You know the meaning of life
You know the answers to the unanswerable
I wish
Just for a moment
That you could come back and tell me who’s right
That you could speak to the world and let them know how pointless their arguments are
Because you know
But you can’t
Or you won’t
Maybe the answers are so wonderful, the suspense is necessary
I don’t know where you really are
Whether here with me
Or someplace better
But I do know your memory remains.
I’ll never remember the clothes you wore
Or the things you bought
I’ll never remember the balance on your bank account
What I will remember are the small things
The things I took for granted each day
Your smile,
The way you walked,
The sound of your laughter,
The way you shook my hand,
The way you hugged me,
Your company
Your you-ness
I’ll always remember those things.
If only it were an hour ago...
I would do them all one last time.
But if everyone had an hour back, time would stand still forever
My hour’s gone
And so are you
I’ll miss you
Just like I’ll miss all those hours I spent knowing you
The minutes I spent talking to you
The seconds I spent laughing with you
Time is always moving forward, mercilessly, compassionately,
Hatefully, Lovingly...
Unbiased and unaffected...
Hours march on not caring about our feelings, our wants or our desires
I don’t hate the hours though
They gave me you
They took you away
And still they march.
Hours may come and go
But love lasts forever.
I’ll stop staring at the phone
Waiting for a call I know won’t ever come.
Instead, I will raise the receiver to my ear
And speak to someone I love.
So that the next hour that passes
Doesn’t leave me wishing...
It were an hour ago.

- Jarid Hewlett
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