Saturday, July 10, 2010

Killer Cats, Movies and even a FAcebook Game!

A couple things are going to be discussed today!! Number 1

Killer Cats:
 Ok they are not Killer but they were found eating humans... who were already dead.

Next A few Movies that I will see and hopefully they come to Antigua:

Welcome to Rileys

I would watch this because it actually looks like this could break Kristin Stuart's curse of Twilight for a while. Plus it looks like a good drama.


This just looks BAD ASS!!!! AND it got some really good actors in it !!! yay!!!

Operation Endgame

It looks like it will be quite funny and got some action so i will watch it with an open mind.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

This is just Badass!!!! I will watch this in 3D Even if I am screaming all the time!!!

Vampires Suck

Anything to make fun of Twilight!!!!

How did you like how I bashed on Twilight twice!! To start and to end!!! Yeaah!!

And the movie the Expendables, with all those well known action movie actors,has a facebook game. If you enjoyed those old Arcade games where you can go up and down run left to right and jump and fire weapons which look inferior to ur opponents this is the game for you!!! Check it out!!


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