Friday, July 23, 2010

Venus Fly Trap

I kinda want something to take care of. But the question is what!?? A dog? they too poopy. A cat? they too moody. How about a Venus Flytrap? YESSSSS!!!!!!!!! Well i got one of those Grow Your Own Venus Flytrap Kits.

Venus Flytraps are one of the real wonders of nature. They live in completely sterile conditions, feeding off flies attracted by the colour and sweet smell of their leaves. When a fly lands it disturbs tiny trigger hairs, causing the trap to spring shut with astonishing speed. The trap stays shut for the 5 to 10 days it takes to digest its prey.

YAY!!! So right now I have my fly trap in the pot and i will have to ways 4 to 6 weeks to see if I get the little buggers!!! Then When they get bigger I will transfer my babies into a 3" pot!!! yay!!!!

So I will keep you updated!!!


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