Monday, July 26, 2010

After hearing about the loss of my friend... well more like acquaintance... I felt a hard pang in my heart and brain. I admit i hung out with her once or twice and I didnt know her well. But I loved her nevertheless. She has such a great personality and was very nice. I then found out she had a blogsite and just HAD  to follow her. When I started I was addicted and loved every post she had put up after that! I had learnt alot about her from her blog including stuff that gave her happiness and some of those things gave me happiness too. ;_;

Then to make it even worst I started to think about how short life can be. I thought about my friendships and how I dont hang out with them as much as I would love to. This makes me wanna cry because people who I consider as my close friends could just go just like that and I would never have even got a chance to hang out with them like how I want to.

I even think about what I would be like if I had the ability to just visit friends when ever I wanted to. Just to chill. What stuff I would have learned from them and so forth. :(

Well I have a headache right now because I am trying not to cry at the thought of losing an acquaintance that I had much love and much respect for.



I will miss you dear and RIP
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