Sunday, August 1, 2010


Today is a nice day, I havent felt soo at peace in a long time. This Carnival Sunday is just soo right.  It is the calm before the storm for me. Wake up, assist in the making of the breaky...oh snap I need to check the eggplant. brb.

Ok they not done yet :)

But yea. it is a nice day :) It is the type of day that the only way it can get on ur nerves is if you actually look for something to get on ur nerves.

Well I think we gonna b going in town soon to accommodate some of the ppl who came late yesterday.
Oh and tomorrow is Jouvert (the climax for our Carnival..well at least for me) If only you saw the outfit. Tomorrow (or Tuesday I will put up pics of the outfit and the outfit on me.

Well I gonna get ready to go to town now. TTFN


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