Thursday, August 5, 2010

Break from Facebook and Jouvert Pics!!

Ok I am doing a lil test !!!!
I am deleting my account for a week and see what will happen.
One of my girls had deleted her account like 2 months ago and she said she feels sooo free. And she loves actually hanging out with her friends. Soo Even though I have my blogger and my youtube account I wont have the ability to spend HOURS on FB.

Gotta Go
So I began last night by deactivating my account. It is not permanent because I got all my pics on there. But I will see how this works out!!

So I should be putting stuff up more here cause this is the only place that I can air my feeling ^_^!!!!
Ohhh As I had promised the pics of Jouvert. I had to go over all the pics and see which ones are the best and I shall share the before and after even though this year we came back lookin good!!

Before me

Before Kim

After me and Kim


Yes that is a whole in the back!!!


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