Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I just saw The Expendables!!! ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS MAKE SURE YOU WATCH IT AND THEN BUY THE DVD (not the bootleg one but the authentic)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But then I was informed that I spend too much time on my computer. I know it is try because I wake up (might or might not) go on my pc and spend some time on there. Then go to the store and then come back home and spend the rest of the night on my pc.

But That is what I have grown accustomed to while in Uni. So instead of being the normal 22 yr old I just stay home and stay online! Yes it is try i do nothing but stay online all the time.

But then I remembered something that was said to me when i was younger and I believe that is what I am struggling with right now! (it is not gonna be the exact wording but it is the moral behind it is all that matters)

If you tight a baby elephant with a rope that he cant break at that age, when he gets older he will still believe that that same rope is still as strong as it was when he was a baby.

This is the pure and honest truth. But I wouldnt be surprised if people laugh at me because of this but I have become so accustomed to being by myself and entertaining myself when I am at home that it is hard to break :'(

Oh well. Well i gonna start weening myself off of the computer, it gonna be hard but i guess i gotta start somewhere.

Wow :( I never felt so empty inside!! I felt soo good after the movie but now i feel soo empty. As if I dont know that I am lame and unsociable already.

I even wondering if I am right for the hospitality industry :(
I cant even call people that I consider are my friends. :(

Well I am outties


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