Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today is soo calming!
Went to the store today and then about an hr later came back home and it kinda makes me wonder if I can enjoy the working world and living alone. I dont mind the thought of living alone. I actually cant wait. But It just felt right today!

However, There is a situation where when you find one dude the others just jump out of the woodworks.
I promised this dude that I would go to the movies with him one of these days. But so it wouldnt seem like I just making him wait forever I was planning on arranging a lil movie thing for Thursday (his Birthday - 19th Aug 2010) but there is a memorial service for Ordz that I want to go to! So i will just call him and wish him a happy birthday and hope that another day would come! Dont call me crazy or anything but one of the reasons I am actually gonna try this dating thing with him is because he is a....... Leo. I know it is lame but it is recorded by many sources that Leos and Sagittarians mesh well together. And I know I love to dance with this dude!! But yea and he also liked me for a long time so... yea!!

But then this other dude tellin me that he wanna go to the movies with me. and then saying that he has liked me for a long time and he wanna get to know me better and i wouldnt mind but I only think that in the state he is in he only wants to have fun! (since he is one of those ppl who has been hurt and isnt going to give up his heart that easily)

But then again there is this other dude that I wanna get with but I not sure if he is still into me. :( I wanna call and all but I dunno!

Good lord!!! Help me in this time of being lost!!


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