Monday, December 6, 2010

I hate skinny ppl!!!

Noooo I dont hate skinny people. But I just wish some of them will leave me the hell alone. I am a  thick chick. Shoot some of my closest friends are slim.

Well today, I saw a friend of the family (more like a friend of my mom's) and I told her that I dont talk to one of my mom's staff because she is always ragging on me about my weight. Then she shared a lil bit about herself.

She told me that she doesnt much with slim people. She doesnt play around and talk up alot with them. She rather talk to someone is is curvier and has some flesh (and fat) on their bones. She then brought to my attention that she isnt as friendly with my sister as she is with me. At first I thought that it was because I was always messing with her so she just does the same back to me. But now she brings it to light I see why she isnt as playful with my sis.

She then told me that when she was younger (high school into young adulthood (20s) ) She used to be very slim. She is around 5'4 and she was 100lbs but then her baby daddy said that he likes plumper women and that she should gain some weight. So she went up to 140lbs and she loves herself at that weight. Then after she had her baby she went up to 185lbs and then went back down to 140lb and maintains that size. I love how she looks and hope that one day I would love myself with all my rolls and jiggles. But for now I just have to work on it.

Well I gonna watch a few youtube vidz and then read a lil bit and then go back to bed.


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