Saturday, December 4, 2010

No Lighthouse for me (meme overload)

Well I had applied to a job in Barbuda ( i think i mentioned that before). And They called me today. But of course I missed the call.
However they left a message and they said:

Good Afternoon Ms Mayeshah, I am calling from the Lighthouse Bay Resort in reference to your application. Now your application was seen quite favorable, but unfortunately we do not have a position available for you at this moment. You are being placed on file in the event any future position becomes available. Thank you so much for applying, have a wonderful day. click (that is the end of the call)

When I saw the call I was all like:
 Then I heard the message and was like:
Now I am like


So I am hoping that Sandals take me on.
Or else I would be like 

  So just now I recomposed myself after listening to this and I hope you like it  too :D

Gone to bed now so yea.


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