Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Now they say it is better to love and get hurt than never to love at all. But the hurt part is my fear. This piece I got from a site i follow (check them out here).

You can go for weeks without touching another human being. Sure, there’s the occasional brush of the shoulder on a city street, or the brief jolt of an elbow at a crowded show. Those are accidents. But actively being touched, or actively touching somebody else: this is not a regular occurrence. Go without for long enough, and you might forget you’re missing anything. Of course, you feel an inexplicable, mild loneliness—but you can’t put your finger on its cause (pun intended).

Occasionally you’ll find somebody who reminds you that perhaps it’s worth it to risk your shelled safety. You’ll allow yourself the luxury of being touched, and the happiness of touching. Here I refer not to the sexual, but to the sweet and gentle: a kiss, the light scent of someone else’s skin. And then, suddenly and unexpectedly, it’ll be gone, and you’ll have to learn to forget.
Now this line is what scares me even more because not only is it hard to forget but you are going to have to forget something as comforting as a hug or a non sexual kiss. That is why I cant go a long time without touching someone, either a hug (which I would ask someone for if I havent gotten one in a while) or just a simple touch just to have that connection.


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