Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Ok I did promise that I will share my crap of poems today. I didnt get to share them at the poetry reading but I promised so here they are:


Black on the outside
White on the inside
 That is what some people say I am
Just cause I like Heavy Metal
And Rocking out to some Linkin Park
Can't speak a lick of dialect to save my life
I am an oreo

From High School
I have been identified as such
But is it because at times I act and look bougie
Bougie in the sense that I dress appropriately for certain occasions
And act a certain way because I don't know how else to behave
Or because I don't follow the stereotypes of

I accept this name
Not because I am a black girl
Who "supposedly" acts white
But because I know that everyone loves Oreos
Cause the cream is soo tasty
And the dark chocolate cookie makes it
Even more delectable.


Ship, Whale, House
Fat, Chunky, Humongous
Curvaceous, Voluptuous
Thick, Chubby, Fluffy

These are a few of the names
That some girls are given
When they got on a lil extra pounds

But does anyone know how offensive it really is?

You need to stop eating up all the food
You need to go on a diet
You need to stop putting on soo much weight

I am not even as big as some people out there
But my weight is harming you
Some way or another

I don't bother to tell you that I am working on it
I don't bother to tell you that I don't eat anymore because of you
I don't bother to tell you that because of you I am even more depressed than usual
Instead I just hide-away in my corner and cry

Mad at you
For making me feel this way
Mad at me
For allowing you to make me feel this way
Mad at being
Curvaceous, Voluptuous
Thick, Chubby, Fluffy

Well I know this is some serious crap but I did promis so there it is.



P.S. I dont even know if I would have shared it since I think it is that bad.
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