Monday, January 16, 2012

My False Ideals for a Black Man

Well I was watching the trailer for the new Miley Cyrus movie: LOL

Well, if you actually watch it on youtube you will see the amount of people who actually dislikes this movie. However, on the other hand, if I was still between the ages of 7-15 my brain would still be informing me on that is how finding someone you like is suppose to happen. Ok now screw that, since i am not a MCyrus fan.

The main thing that has messed me up, right up until now is these two chicks:

So here is a video with a few trailers of the movies that has really messed me up:

 Then there is these chicks:

Yea them staring in movies that make me think love was so fun to find and stuff. However, in real life it isnt that easy. That you would find this cute hunky dude who is around your age and he is interested in you and you are interested in him. That you are going to get into adventures and all kinda crap.

Now that I am interested in actually going out (and can go without asking permission) the dudes who approach are either very hard to talk to because they just wanna have sex with you or they are just not your type and still just wanna have sex with you.

"Why can't we just talk and get to know each other so that I will feel comfortable around you?" is the question I ask (in my mind) every guy that approaches me about sex.

But then looking at all these movies you never saw a black couple (well there was Dion in Clueless but they were heavy snoggers). So it now makes me wonder if it is a cultural thing.

I ever listened to some of my American friends when it came to dating and most of them dudes know better than to approach them with sexual advances (if they were sober).

It then makes me wonder if because black women have such pronounced bodies that the male mind just automatically goes to sex.

I most likely have to get over major fears to reach anywhere but I know that I also need to go out more. When this happens I hope I get a relationship like in some of them movies where we can talk about anything and still have fun together.



P.S. The Olsen Twins movies were when I was really young and they were younger and less creepy!!
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