Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why am I single? #3

Told you it would be sporadic.  Well my sister's third topic was "I settle for the wrong guy".

 My issue is I dont settle for any guy. When someone interesting comes into view like 3 or 4 potential guys would come into view. I then get frustrated and  just stay far from all of them until they all go away.

I remember a time that this guy that I found quite interesting was talking to me and then it is like all my male friends became available again or just wanted some nookie. So I was like... what do I do now? I am not the player type of chick to be stringing all of them along, so I just back away and stay away from all.

It sounds retarded right but it kept me feeling safe for a long time. No one with hurt feelings. But then again I am still single.

This is the reason I am still single cause this has always been my method of solving this problem. It is one that I am hoping to change this new year. There are a few guys that I see that are interesting but I wanna see who I am comfortable with first and then move on from there. Bearing in mind a few of these guys are just interested in the sexual aspect of it. Which is something I am planning to cut out if not completely, by a huge percent. (not that I do it alot but when I do it is always casual.)

I guess if I start letting my guards I will get this issue resolved. We will see.


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