Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why I am single #4

Unfortunately the fourth reason my sister put up is pretty much the same as mine. So please check it out here and then come back to me.

So she says she is an idiot but I would rather say that I dont see myself worthy of someone who is really nice or really cute. I know that I can be very confident and everything when I want to be but as with alot of things in my life I am very very scared. I let fear of this stop me or I would make excuses not to do it.

I haven't gotten over it or started to get over it because my excuses are very easy to pull out without me even thinking about them.
This is what I will have to get made into a  poster and frame it so that I will know to STOP!!!

Some of the excuses I do make is to get me out of things I know are morally out of the way and fun to experience.


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