Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baltimore? Providence? Jamaica?? Nope Antiguans!!!

It is crazy how simple minded I am. When I was in high school I was in class with this girl (yes i was in class with many girls but they not the point of the story) and he last name was the name of a city, Baltimore. And I could have sworn that someone had told me that she was from Baltimore.

Then I found out she was from Antigua

and I never shared this mix up with anyone until now. And this actually came back to mind when I saw a girl on my fb and her name was Providence and I could have sworn (the reason I dont swear) that she was from Providence and I had met her there.

But once again I was wrong and she is from out cute lil island of Antigua.

Oh don't even talk about the Author Jamaica Kincaid.

Frig I thought she was from friggin JAMAICA!!!!

Then I read her biography and where is she from????


So now if I see anyone who has the name of a city or country my first bet would be they are from Antigua and then I will move out from there!!!!


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