Sunday, April 15, 2012

Random thoughts: Looper

I just watched the movie trailer for Looper. Check it out here:

Well I know that this is one movie that I know I will enjoy watching kinda like .... uuhhh.... that movie with .... Justin Timberlake..... aaarrrggghhh.........fuck.... IN TIME!!! YES!!!! But then it popped into my mind. How many times do you relive a situation if you do go back in time and face yourself. Think about it you are young now and you meet the older you. When you get older you are going to go back to meet the younger you. Then when the younger you gets older they will go back in time to see the younger you. So dont you think it is one continuous time travel. However they did have a show: Misfits that had an interesting twist to it. You should check out Misfits to understand. However if you travel back in time and your younger-self kills the older you then it kinda ends there? or does the younger you keeps killing the older you. Now see this would be even more of a mind fuck if I did drugs like weed or something. OH WELL OXXO Mayeshah"!!!!
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