Friday, April 6, 2012

Old Movies: Casino Royale (1967)

When I was younger I had come across a few movies that I just cant forget. There is one which I never knew it's name and I think it was bought ( it was a VHS movie) under the guise of being a 007 James Bond Movie!!!!  However, It turned out to be one of the many 007 spoofs and the worst one at that. But being my young self and noticing that there was no coherence in this movie I noticed it was a spoof and loved it never the less. So I had just finished watching Teen Witch (1989) ( you should check it out, it is the entire movie) and my wandering mind took me to Zelda Rubenstein, to Poltergeist, to this lil girl in Poltergeist, to this movie (the final link was a situation that I had seen poltergeist when I was young). So I googled it and went through a lot of the 007 spoofs that Wiki would show me and finally came across CASINO ROYALE!!! Not the Casino Royale that just came out that I havent seen in it's entirety, but the Casino Royale from 1967 (20 yrs before i was born). So I was actually suspicious about this movie not being the funny ass spoof of my childhood. But then I saw the trailer and was satisfied that it was. The trailer:

So I continued looking at the videos that Google provided for me and came across these and it basically gives you the low down of what you would expect if you actual caught your eyes viewing this entire movie in it's entirety (which I believe after these videos you will not)

I believe I shall bring a couple more Old movies that I remember in future posts.

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