Monday, April 16, 2012


Man one thing I do envy the mainlanders about are their ability to go to concerts all over the place. After watching this I realized that although I dont know most of the artists that are playing there are a few great great ones which I would love to see and I suspect that the rest are the indie version of the great ones. Antigua does have their concerts (more like sound clashes) but they deal mainly with soca, reggae, calypso, and dancehall. All of which I do not follow religiously. However when I was in the states I did hear about all kinda concerts that not only happened in RI but in Boston as well during the summer. But because I am a closed minded island girl who allows her fears to control her life I came home every Summer I always miss all of these. :( Or even when they have all these live indie shows in England or the EUROVISION which even though I wouldnt understand one word 3/4 of them are singing the cool rhythm and melodies would make me happy. There are music festivals that come to the Caribbean like the St. Lucia Jazz Festival, St. Kitts Music Festival And all the islands lil shows and carnivals but it is soo expensive to go to each island that you have to either be rich or dedicated enough to go. Shit if music did this to this cool old man guess what it does to me: So I shall end with this cool A Capella OXXO Mayeshah!!!
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