Friday, April 27, 2012

Old Movies: Paris Blues (1961)

I had seen a gif of part of this movie and I remembered youtube would have full movies. So I checked to see if it was likely and just as I thought I found the full movie of Paris Blues.

I have always been a sucker for older movies as you can tell and I am even more a sucker for Sidney Poitier. I even know I will name one of my kids (male or female) Sydney/Sidney.

I find this movie different from the romances of today where the romances follow the same sequence all the time. While with older movies like this they dont follow a specific dynamic other than the dynamic of life. I have been coming across a lot of media pieces which enforces in my mind that life is what it is: an unpredictable chain of evens. Whether it is in your control or not. You just have to hang on for the ride and hope that you dont become (emotionally, mentally or physically) sick!

Now ENJOY!!!


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