Wednesday, April 25, 2012


After seeing this picture I was like yea this is so true. The main reason people buy shit is to impress others.

But then I was thinking about myself and most of the things are not to impress others but to make me happy.
I enjoy standing out from the crowd (well used to) and I love being comfortable and so on. However, other things I do buy are used to distract me from other stuff.

I look at my wardrobe and get depressed everytime i think about putting on clothes that are not my work clothes. I have gained back the weight that i lost when I first started working. So most of my clothes are either boring or cant fit me. SO I need to buy clothes that (1) will make me feel happy and (2) fit me properly. When it comes to clothes, sometimes when I accessorize I feel like I am in a different world or at least different country.

Eg. 2
I am here listening to 3 songs on repeat and (yes I know I am going to go deaf really soon) I enjoy listening to music really really loud. Then I remembered the Info Tech girl at work has a Beats  headphones (the headphones that Dr Dre invented) But she told me she got it as a gift so I decided to look it up and found out that the one she has costs around $170USD and I see why she loves it soo much. So now that I am in this numb mood I just want to drown out everything and crank the music up but my small little headphones dont go that high :( So I feel gypped. So now I am in the mood to by an imitation that I can distract myself from this feeling.

Eg. 3
I have a phone that I am satisfied with it and happy that I can do all sorts of cool things with. If my computer goes down, it would be a good substitute. I spent approx. $400USD (conversion approx. $1000EC) on this damn piece of stuff. I have made up my mind that if anything happens to this I will get a cheap ass phone and if anyone wants to reach me they can text or call me (as if anyone wants to reach me) So the purpose of buying this phone is to have other distractions from the world and I can communicate with some ppl.

So my version of the picture above is actually in relation that I want to detach myself from my present mental state. I want to feel like I am somewhere else and even someone else and I want to distract myself from what is going on around me.

I find this is an even worst condition than trying to impress people.


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