Saturday, October 19, 2013

Classic and Indie movies - STREET DANCE 2 & MY BOYFRIEND IS BACK

Alright, so I have been really busy lately and other than that I have finally found some time to myself to watch a few movies. 

Since my movie partners are either not bothering with me or really busy themselves I am presently resorting to watching movies through... du du du duuuuuuu.... YOUTUBE. 

Now who would have thunk it to put up movies on Youtube?? I noticed this when I was in University and I wanted to watch a movie. I found indie movies, classics, and even a few which their copyright has expired recently. When I came back home a few times I looked up movies with Lucille Ball (love this lady. She was great in "I Love Lucy" and she was even better in her movies) and Sydney Poitier (because of this guy I am convinced that one of my kids will be named Sydney, whether boy or girl and I will have one named after Lucille in some form or another) and I was so happy to watch all that I could find on Youtube. 

So today I was finished watching all of my subscriptions and wanted to watch something. I decided to look at what movies were on Youtube. I went to Movies full 2012 and one that jumped out at me was STREET DANCE 2. I watched it laughed a bit, danced a bit and it made me think about how I let my fears get in the way of my life. So check out below for the full movie (or until they notice and decide to take it down)

Then I came home and saw that there wasnt much to watch so I went to see if there was any 2013 movies. I then saw ...*drumroll* ... MY BOYFRIEND IS BACK. I do remember it being a crazy movie but it made me laugh out loud a few times. Check that out below.

I have now decided to do a little something( I dont know if I said this before but I am gonna try and watch move Youtube movies): I will watch a Classic (tonight was MY BOYFRIEND IS BACK) and an Independent (which this movie has to be cause it looks like a knock off of Step Up) and post them up for you to see. 

Now here is a bit of the Step Up MOVIES:


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