Friday, October 11, 2013


Dear readers,

So now my drafts list is clear (YAY) I can move on to other pressing matters. 
I have been away from my computer due to the mad amount of activities I have been up to. Yesterday (Wednesday) I had treated my sister and mom to a Day Pass at the St. James's Club. "oh Michele has soo much money" ... no I do not on a regular day my bill would have been $904.50 but lucky for me I work for the Elite Company so i get a discount and only spent half of that. 

Which worked out great!!!! 

I used to work there and did not know jack shit about that place. So I took this time to wander around the place like a fool. I took a few pictures but my sis took more. (hoping with crossed fingers that she puts them up whether it is on FB or Blogger) However as soon as I get mine up on the pc I will do an official SJC post :D 

SO from here on out you will ssee some interesting posts or just crazy ish that comes to mind. Muhahahahaha. 


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