Saturday, October 5, 2013

Draft Post - Happyness!

Hey yall!!! My finals are over, my trimester is over and I am done with the psychotic work that has been giving me hell for the WHOLE TRI!!! well my sis Kimolisa had put up a blog about Happyness (I think the real spelling is Happiness).

I have been posed by this question alot and I have come up with a list that makes me HAPPY!!!
Now I am going to divide this into 2 categories. 1) Happy memories (like the thoughts that would be needed to make a patronus (Harry Potter if you dont know what Patronus is )) 2) Things that make me happy. (some of them might look like the ones on my sis's list but I cant help it if we have things that are alike)

Happy memories.

  • Me and my mom eating breakfast in a department store in NYC when my sis and bro went somewhere else to eat. 
  • My mom and dad watching Cartoons (Fantasia 2000) with me  in their room early one Sunday morning.
  • Going to Scotland for 5 days. Awesome Awesome memories. Everytime I hear a Scottish Accent I think of that trip. 

Things that make me Happy.

  • Performing Arts. Mostly Theater Plays. It makes me feel like I am part of the person's life yet watching from the outside. I also love the use of the set. I have seen sets which are completely set up with all kinda props, while other sets which only used lights to depict a location (rooms, forests, streets).
  • Hanging with a few friends or one friend at a time. It is such an intimate setting and you get to talk about everything.
  • Family makes me happy. Even though sometimes I want to get as far as I can from them. I love them to pieces and I cant help be happy around them. 
  • Confidence in myself makes me happy. I have a very low self esteem and very little confidence in myself. So When I have on a great outfit, my hair is on point, my makeup is on point I feel a slight jolt of confidence which makes me happy.
  • Great Conversations. I cant help but love a great conversation, whether it is with someone I know or someone I just met. And when I say conversation I mean both people getting to speak their points and learn from each other. 
  • Beach days with friends and/or family. Anything can happen whether you are just having great fun with the people or just taking in the nature by yourself.
  • Movies or shows. I choose both because I enjoy watching a great movie with someone and do have fantasies of snuggling with a loved one (dude) and enjoying a great movie that we can evaluate and analyze afterwards. Then with shows in Uni I watched entire seasons with friends and even just recently I hung out with a guy friend and watched a show. 
  • A fabulous cocktail. No I am not an alcoholic but sometimes you just need a drink to unwind.
  • I would say making other people happy makes me happy. I do vibe off of other people's vibes. So if you are sad and I make you smile or laugh that makes me uber happy :).
So that is some of the things which make me happy. I would love to hear what makes you happy.



P.S. The parts which are not italic is the original.and sorry I missed yesterday. 
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