Monday, November 22, 2010

Car moods

It was just the other day I was sharing with my sister my views about Cars (well their headlights at least). I was waiting for the stoplight to change and a car came out of the corner gas station and the headlights made the car look soo sad. It was a minivan and my heart went out to it.

Then right now I am going through my home boy's blog and I saw this car and I felt scared. It looks soo mean and mad. Hell it looks like a pissed off cat who is about to pounce.!!!

And then I came up to the back and the back lights look just as pissed off to have all that power. It is soooo creepy. I swear if I was on a deserted road and then I came up on this mad car I would either turn around or wait back till he is gone!

Well yea I gonna keep lookin for stuff :D


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