Sunday, November 14, 2010

BLAHHH. Drown!!

Howdy guys and gals,

Welcome to a new post by your host Mayeshah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I am lame as hell.

Ok so last night was interesting for me and I would love to do it over again. Excluding some parts. But yea...this is not a post on the events of last night. It is a post of what came to mind when i was out last night.

The thought is - Can someone vomit underwater???

So with my quick internet resources and the many ppl around the world that thinks of interestingly odd things like I do (or I try to) I came across this answer on Yahoo Answers:

I wouldn't even think about it. Psychologically you cannot control the instinct to breathe while vomiting so, your going to take a deep breathe of what, water, and, drown. It's a uncontrolled reaction and your body doesn't care if your under water or in the open.


Former MedLab Technologist supervisor (retired)

Now tell me that isnt like the most epic visual ever.  Hmm well it is to me :P

So now I am going to do something personal that if i state it hear all of you will be like OMG TMI!!!


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