Sunday, November 14, 2010

Last night (13/11/2010)

So Last night was sooo cool, I am happy that I went out last night except I am sad that I didnt go to see For Colored Girls with my girls.

Well instead I went to a open mic poetry reading with my ma and sis that takes place at Best of Books (BOB) on Frairs' Hill Road in the Royal Palm Place complex. That was just fun! Every month they have a new theme and this month was "It was Fun While It Lasted."
Man they had some great poems, makes me wish I was lyrically skilled like them. And a challenge is conducted where someone in the audience would say a word and the person at the podium will have to say a poem or describe the word in one minute. There was all kinda fun stuff and lots of laughter.

After the open mic we went to the C&C wine house where some of my ppl were hanging out enjoying the Karaoke. Mom and my sis left me with my friends and we drank we talked we listened to the other ppl doing their Karaoke.
 C & C Wine Bar - Antigua bars & restaurants: logo
I with my love for dry wines I had hated the wine my friends were drinkin and I ordered a red wine. When I had finished my first glass of wine I had gone inside and was talking to some of the regulars at the wine house. Then from out of no where I hear 2 girls talking about a party. So me in my happy go lucky typsy state turn to one of the girls and say "I want to come too!!"

The girl was like "sure, it is a American Thanksgiving Party"  I asked her if it was the same day as Thanksgiving, she said yes the 25th. I told her that that was my birthday. And she was like ohh even better we can celebrate your birthday as well. Then she told me the location (which happened to be on the AUA campus) and everything
AUA Campus Overhead.
So hopefully I will go because it seems like it would be great.

I had then gotten my drink and went back outside. Then drank off my drink once again. So I went inside and saw this guy. I, knowing lots of ppl, figured oh I think I know this dude. So I say hi all smiley and shit. Next thing he is motioning to me and i move in closer and he is like "I am sorry but how do I know you?" Noticing that he dont know me, I realize i dont know him either. So i told him I dont know him. H told me that how I was saying hi it seemed like I knew him. I said I tend to do that.

For the next like 2 mins we were just flirting and stuff and he was asking me where he can see me again. So I told him about our love for the wine bar so hopefully I see him again soon. If not that was a great couple mins of flirting.

Well the night ended and all that jazz, my guy friend dropped me home and i went to bed. lol

well i am bout to go and clean up the kitchen so ttfn


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