Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gone for a while but back in business!!

Blogger oh blogger how sadly i have neglected you!!! :(

But worry not. This neglect is not out of hatred, frustration or the fact that I have a short attention span. no no no.

It is the fact that now that i have no stationary place to keep my laptop I just dont have the urge to be typing an entire Epistle on my lap. (No offense but that is way too uncomfortable to do)

But worry not I shall try my utmost hardest to keep you updated with my day to day experiences or at least a few entries a week.

Shoot I dont even watch my youtube subs as much as I used to :(

However to give you a lil rundown, I am in Antigua for 5 months now and have been working with both my parents while they have been going through different situations (such as the caring and passing of my grandfather, the release of a long time staff member, surgery, and maybe a few other things that I am leaving out presently) I have continued on my search for a job and I might get an opening at one of the Rex Resorts located in Antigua thanks to one of my dad's close friends. I have gotten my CSME (Caricom Single Market and Economy) Certificate. (well i am getting it this Tuesday). I have been doing a work out program with the Hospital which me and my sister has been doing for the past 5 weeks. I dont see much difference in weight but everything is said to be told by the amount of energy I have.  Still single for my own mental situations.

Now some info that you didnt need to know but I still putting them in.
After the loss of my phone I have finally gotten it back up and running :D

 I have a dentist appointment that I cant afford and I keep pushing back the date so that I could either get a job or accumulate enough money to pay for a root canal. I have a doctors appointment that I dont know what to feel about it. shoot it is just the doctor. I am planning on going skinny dipping in the near near future. hmm. YEA I guess that is all that I can think about right now. Meh.

So I will try and keep up to date with the postage, even if I have to use my mothers computer (which is what i am doing right now. hehehe)

Well I gotta wake up early to go walking and then get ready for work so ttfn


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