Friday, November 19, 2010

Most popular post/issues/Barbuda!

It seems like the most popular post on my ENTIRE BLOG is "7 Elegant Steps 2 Heels By Myst". And then there were some random people who just appeared to read my most interesting thoughts and things that people in my everyday interaction would be like "WTF are you still talking for." Bearing in mind there are a few people who because of their relations to me they have to endure this long winded and highly crazy experience.

Well I am now convinced something is highly wrong with me. I had called a hotel yesterday and I had asked if they had any openings. I dunno if it was the quickness the conversation started and ended or the fact that she was so cheery when she said it or what I dunno. But when she said no they dont have any openings and I can leave an application if any openings open up, I started to cry after hanging up.

I know it is lame of me and you are probably asking wtf everyone goes through that, but I try to avoid being put in that situation. I try not to do things or say things that might be rejected or denied to me. It has come to the point where if I want something from my parents I think of how important it is to me, if i can get over it if I get turned down, how I gonna accomplish telling my parents, and then telling them with my fingers crossed. So in other words I am the type of person who takes Calculated risks. Maybe it is the family I live in or the fact that I am a female (studies say that women are more likely to take safer risks when trading on the stock market). I also believe that This is the main reason that I try not to interact with the male species too much because I cry real easy. I might pretend that I dont care when I am out of the situation but in it I more than care.

Well one risk that I am assuming would be healthy for me is working in our sister island Barbuda (thus Antigua and Barbuda). There is a job fair at a hotel over there and I wouldnt mind doing it. It was mad short notice because shiiit it is tomorrow (Saturday). In the beginning I was like yay this is great, then my mom informed me about her slight dislike of the idea (due to an incident which occurred to a family friend) and then the fact that I might actually be going alone for the 6 hrs I will be in Barbuda.  Then the situation where I wouldnt be able to help out my sister at the Hardware. Gosh it is messed up. But in my mind I am going. no doubt about it.

Well it is too early for my ass to be up so i gonna go back to sleep and holla at yall on the flip side.


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