Sunday, July 3, 2011

Body image

Today I decided I wanted to see what I really looked like. So I took off my clothes and was wearing only my underwear and looked at myself in the mirror. I have noticed that I kinda like my body. I have a small top compared to some ppl in the world.
I admit I wish I had bigger breasts by Dirtysexychronicles
But then I probably wouldnt be good as a coca cola bottle.
Now I never really had a problem with my bum except the fact that instead of having the dimples above my bum it is smack dab on my bum. But it is unique, since I never noticed ppl have that! But I do have a bum to be proud of!
imapervert:  I know I’m gonna regret this (because BangBros videos are 90% talking, and 10% of some white boy not hitting the pussy right)…… But whats the name of this video (or the chicks) so I can find it and download it?? Thanks.  Haha I’ve watched videos at bangbros, and indeed it is annoying chit chat and odd groping, conversation directly into the camera, and then unsatisfactory sex.  It’s shitty because it’s usually really attractive people.  And by that, I don’t mean pornstar-attractive, I mean real-life attractive.  Don’t ruin real people for me, bangbros.  Fuck pornstar looking people.
However for most of my life I have had a hatred towards my body and I am trying to break that. My thighs are huge and I never really fancied that however at a certain weight they look really good. My stomach basically varies, sometimes it is flat and sexy and other times they are on the bigger side.

SO I am on a quest to self love! I and still learning about myself on the inside and I need to stop believing that I would be happier as a petite slim chick.
What can you do?  It’s true.


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