Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cool Vids and even cooler songs!! (Load all then play them one after another!! Enjoy)

I want to experience this partying before I die!!

This is a feel good vid and song:

I think Katy was trying to hide the fact that Rebecca Blackocalypse's Friday song was soo bad by bringing this out and having her in it!!! Plus sooo many Cameos!!! I love it!!!

I have much respect and give props to Selena (not for Beiber but because of this)

Where was I when this came out??

just a feel good and inspirational song

How I felt this morning!!!

All I can say is I like!!


I cant hate kinda cool but has an undertune that was pissing me off. Made me feel like i was listening to 2 songs at the same time


Just the name of this joint makes me have to share it!!

All I can say is hell yea

The song got my vote

It grows on you. I take that back - she grows on you/


good vid!

hell yea!! rockin vid!!

i end with Britney because she does really good dance songs now. My hate for her has gone away!! Work it girl!!
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