Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Finale (slight spoiler)

So, just now I saw the final movie for the Harry Potter Sequel. It is gut wrenching that all of them are finally done. Now, I have been following them from the very first book till the very last movie and now I feel that I have been through alot with the characters, Harry, Hermoine, and Ron. I have grown with them. I have watched them battle, love, and even fight amongst themselves. Now in the End. Everything. Is Done.

About the Movie, it was satisfactory (except for them changing how Snape died). It tied up all lose ends and kept you entertained from the beginning till the end. However, the only irritating thing was people going to watch HP7 without watching HP1,HP2,HP3,HP4,HP5,HP6 or even the HP7 part 1. SO every now and then you would here someone mention something that a true HP fan would know (like what is the sorting hat, and what is Avada Kadavra (aka the killing curse)). However, the good thing about the cinema I went to tonight is right in the middle of town. So some people would just go and watch the movie and be very loud and talking crap. So this one guy, obviously never saw any of the HP movies and was talking during the whole movie and making everyone laugh. Near the end of the movie he received a call and started talking just as loud saying "sweety, I am on my way home right now. I am alone right now." and so on and so forth. He was loud enough to be heard by the entire cinema but low enough that you can zone him out if you wanted to.

Well I will enjoy the rest of my night and be happy that I saw the finale of one of the best sequels of my time. (and no Twilight was not one of them.)


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