Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just to share

Tonite was a little eye opening. 3 things that had come to mind.

1. I love the smell of smoke in fabrics and so forth.

2. I am just confused on what i want.

3. I am socially inept.

1. I love the smell of smoke in fabrics because when I was younger some of the places that made me really happy (events that I would think about when creating a partonus if I was in HP) One of those places was a restaurant that my fam and I would go to. The passage to the restaurant had red suede on the walls. Inside of the restaurant itself had chinese lanterns and it had a smell of cigarette and/or cigar smoke in the fabric. Another place that smells alot like smoke was one of the hotels my mom would go to in NYC. The Stanford Hotel had this smell of cigarette and/or cigar smoke in the carpets and arm chairs. However at the hotel it wasnt as strong as it was in the restaurant. Now the sports bar I go to there were ppl smoking cigarettes and cigar and even Hooka brought me really good memories.

2. I dont know what I want. There was a guy at the same sports bar and I know I was sending out the flirtatious vibes but I kept it to a minimum and I thought what happen if he came over to me and started flirting with me and stuff. Then my instincts told me to play hard to get and even push him away. I still gotta figure out why.

3. Some friends and I went to a restaurant and I just felt so out of place. :( I didnt know what to talk about or anything and I just felt kinda like i was experiencing an out of body experience.

Well just wanted to share.



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