Sunday, July 3, 2011

Female pick up line

I was going through a blog "A Girl Looking at Porn" and I came across this post and it is crazy the amount of times I have used this line:

“Oh my gosh, you look so familiar, do I know you from somewhere?”

My Favorite Lady Pick-Up Lines (001)

“Oh my gosh, you look so familiar, do I know you from somewhere?”

You slick ass bitch, you know you don’t know him. Unless familiar means fine as hell, you can’t recognize that face from a mugshot. I am a fan of this line, however. Although to a bitch like me it’s not very casual, I feel like a lot of guys enjoy this line, ‘cause it doesn’t feel like a line. It doesn’t take too many “lines” to get a guy’s attention, but if he looks at you and agrees you look familiar, he* might have caught on and he’s offering that sort of, “Yes, you can hit on me” approval. If he says no, but keeps talking to you, he’s an awesome guy, ‘cause he’s willing to be honest, even if it means killing your game, but now he’s looking for something else.

I completely encourage chicks to keep using this line, but have a follow up. Not like some, “Oh, sorry, ‘cause you look like someone from my school/church/this place/so-and-so’s friend,” but something slick, like, “Do you WANNA be familiar?” Aawww shit, ladies!

I will probably try this in the near future!!!


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