Saturday, July 9, 2011

I love Pink

I have always had a weakness for P!nk's music but the main time that I fell in love with P!nk was in 2000 when she brought out her first album and she had a few rapping songs. Like these:

There You Go

You Make Me Sick

Then this was just oh sooo good!!! I think I would love to make this my anthem when it comes to some of those Nuccas out there.
Most Girls

In 2000 she was portraying sexy, tuff, and innocence. In one she looks soo adorbs and you just cant help but love her. Then the next one she looks all sexified and so on. Then in another she would look like she will kick your ass in the hood.

I find that some of her first songs remind me of stuff that Eve, Lil Kim, or En Vogue would bring out!!!

I always say that the 90s had some great ass music but so did the early 2000s.


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