Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cloves:10 Tips to Tune your Technique

A if the first one wasnt hard enough but now they giving you time limits!!! Dammnn!! Cloves is just trying to save my reputation as a sane human being. ... I think I lost that a while back.Enjoy

If you haven’t worn something in over a year, get rid of it.
Donate, sell, or give it away. Think of it as “losing weight.” You will
feel so much lighter without ever having to diet.

Trust your personal style.
Be true to yourself while being in fashion. If this advice makes
you feel uncomfortable your waistband is too tight.

Your haircut and colour tell people a lot about you.
A good haircut can be as liberating as removing your bra at the
end of the day. If you color your hair professionally, find the best
colourist you can. If you can afford it, spend the extra money, so
you don’t look like Rainbow Sherbet. You’re worth it.

Wear comfortable shoes.
I dress from the floor up. Feet first! If you wear heels, wear ones
that do not torture. If you choose to suffer the stilettos, think of
them as a dual purpose P.P.D. (Personal Protection Device). If
anyone attacks you, defend yourself by making him wear them.

It’s normal to fear altercations, but not alterations.
Think about it: How can one size 10 fit every size 10 woman in
Antigua? Something’s got to give and it is probably your waistband,
hem, armhole or chest. For a small amount of money, an
alteration gives you a “couture” piece, made just for you. This
rule can also apply to items already in your closet but not the
clothing you’re giving away from Item #1 on this list. Cloves do alterations for free for items purchased at Cloves.

There are one thousand stylish things you can wear while traveling...
that have nothing to do with shorts, a baseball cap, a baggy
collared shirt, running shoes with socks, a ponytail and a
fanny pack. If there is ever legislation proposed to band these
items from the suitcases of traveling persons, I will be its

If you travel a lot, have a packed toiletries bag
ready to go.
Don’t go crazy trying to find the right size shampoo bottles at
the last minute. Packing toiletries and makeup is as stressful as
removing your shoes at the security check while keeping an
eye on your computer, purse, belt, and keys. Is wearing stilettos
considered carrying a weapon?

Simplify your makeup if you wear makeup.
All you need is foundation, a black pencil liner, a brown shadow,
black mascara, a cream blush, a translucent powder, one natural
lip liner, a sparkly lip gloss and three shades of lipstick
(pinkish, natural and a red). I hope you didn’t take a nap during
that list. But that is all you’ll ever need and it can fit in your purse.
Every time you buy a new version of any of the above, with your
freshly painted lips, kiss your old ones goodbye.

Enjoy new bedclothes once a year.
Even though you think no one sees you, YOU see you. Get rid of
the “broken in” faded black sweats and t-shirt you bought three
years ago. “Vintage” does not apply to P.J.s.

Compliments Cloves “brands you know”
Uhhh.... oh.... ok... I just noticed... there are .... 9 tips.!!!! Well I emailed the chick at Cloves. She might change it to 9 tips or she might throw in an extra one but I hope these are helpful though!!!


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