Sunday, September 29, 2013

Draft Post - My trip to NC

Hey yall,

I went to North Carolina for Thanksgiving to visit my friend, D. Before I even went I was wondering if it was a good idea that I went. I am normally the type of person who after I leave them I tend to lose contact with them. I know, I know it is bad but as I learnt in class "Absence makes the heart grow dimmer". It is not my fault. So I spent my 22 hrs on the bus on the way down meeting some really interesting characters on the way. Such as Ashley and her husband who were expecting a baby next year Feb; Lala, a latina who was just sooo cute and small and adorable; ohh I cant forget Zach who was an aspiring musician who serenaded us with his guitar. Then there was the dude Bobby who just started talkin to me and buyin me breakfast.

But yea forget the ride, back to NC by D. When I reached I was open to every and anything. So we went walking around and she showed me the campus and we went to get food. Then when we went back to her room we met her roommates. She took us to the mall with 2 of her friends. It was(seriously this was one of the best trips I ever made and I never finished the damn post?? So I shall Continue from what I can remember muhahahahah!!!!) 

So this was in November 2009. It was a big mall and her friends found it funny how we talked because we both were talking in our Native dialects. We noticed then that the ppl from NC dont understand us when we talk.

Unfortunately, my memory is all fussy but I remember we went to the gym, we went on the train, we also watched a bunch of movies where I fell in love with the movie "My Life In Ruins". So I bought the DVD. 

Now I really dont remember much and the more I try and remember, all the information is blanking out. I even looked ofr pics and cant find them :( 


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