Monday, September 30, 2013

Relationship Games

Dear Readers,

I am a sucker for black film on YouTube. It makes me happy to see black people working together to create some really good work. 

So there is a guy I follow on YouTube and he has these 4 episodes of a show called "Relationship Games". It was mad deep. Just a man who made a decision and has to live with the consequences of them. 

I hope when you click the link and watch part 1,2,3 and 4 you enjoy every ounce of it. This guy is really good and what he does and more respect for him. If you notice on his videos FCHW that means "Faith, Consistency and Hard Work".  These are the main values that he follows which empowers him to do what he does and do it well. Faith may not be a value that I hold dear to my heart but I see how for some people it motivates them and keeps them on the right path. Faith could be faith in God, faith in yourself, or even faith in the universe. I think I have more faith in the universe than anything else; but I wanna at least add one more of those to my core values and stop allowing the universe to run my life.

Then Consistency is something that everyone needs to to remember is important. My sister had done a speech on this where she mentions the NIKE logo and the quote "JUST DO IT". She then goes on to say don't "JUST DO IT", "JUST DO IT and KEEP DOING IT". No matter how much you fail just dust it off and get back at it until you reach where you want to be. 

Then there is Hard Work, which it seems alot of persons today don't understand the concept of. I enjoy working and seeing my hard work being noticed but I do not just work for other people. I work for myself and my mental sanity. Hard Work is just the journey to get to my required destination. As they say it is not the destination which is important but the JOURNEY  getting there. 

Well it is after 1a.m. and I have to walk up in a few hours to get to work. SO I just remember RELATIONSHIP GAMES and FCHW. Plus please listen in to the poem at the end of Relationship Games part 4.Great Poem to go along with the message the show is expressing. 


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