Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Draft Posts!!!

Dear Readers, (cause I noticed that is how my older post starts)

I decided to come on my computer at 12:41 am to email something to myself and activate a website I signed up for (will do a post on that if it is successful). I then checked out the tabs that were open (because I never shut down my computer, I just put it to hibernate). I noticed a few of you have read my blog entries (thank you for actually giving a shit) and was looking at my statistics. I then noticed that I have .... 25 drafts. How in hell's name did I get 25 blog entries sent to DRAFT. 

So For the next few days you are going to get 2 completed copies of my draft posts every day. 

Some of them were from when I was still in Uni. (i think). So I shall finish them up and post them up so you can see my mental regurgitation of ... my interests, my thoughts, and me. 

So now I am going to post one (so that it will be an even 2 everyday) and this will be the first of my 2 blogs daily. 

So you will see a post early in the morning (probably 8am and then another in the evening around 6:30pm. So if you are at all interested you will know how many I have everyday. 

Now to bed I go. (P.S. I love typing in Times New Roman with Italics so get used to it)


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