Sunday, September 1, 2013

Finally New PC

Hey all, I have finally gotten me a new Laptop. It is an Aceer Aspire E1- 431-2863

I know that is a lot of information. but I dont care. So now I have no reason for not posting more regularly. I am still getting used to it and my internet is being a major douchebag. This pc is internet based and my internet is like "hahahah bitch you cant get online". So I am still trying not to take it back and say screw it.

So right now I have alot of things due. Minutes for my Secretarial position of the Antigua ToastMasters Club. Also I have alot of youtube to be catching up on. So that will take me a while. Plus updating my facebook, pinterest. tumblr, and linkdin.

So when I come across anything quite interesting that I wanna talk about I will most definitely be all up in here.


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