Monday, September 23, 2013


So, I had injured my back a few months back and my doctors informed me that I need to start taking care of myself. Eating better, drinking more water and exercising (everything that I am doing wrong). They also informed me that I cant just do any form of exercise. I need to start swimming. However I. Cant. Swim.
I live on a freaking island and cant swim. What if a tsunami hits (not like ppl who can swim will survive) but if I am in a position where I can swim to safety and cant swim wtf am I to do? DIE???

So I was talking with the Bar Supervisor at work and he was telling me of this swimming class over by my first work place. So the first thing that came to mind was .... who can I get to drag with me (since I am needy and need company for everything) then the second thing that came to mind was .... how the hell am I gonna get my black ass over there.

So as soon as I work out at least one of those questions I will get started on my quest to becoming a better me. I am even on this new diet kick (diet means my entire food choices change not just in order to loose weight) So we have cut out Carbs out of our diet. NO bread, rice, pasta, flour products. NONE!!! So we will see how that does.

I am also planning on doing my speech 2 for Toastmasters on Thursday. So this will be interesting. I am kinda planning it like a conversation with just the topic headings on a note card. Wish me luck on that .

I also have a plan for a business venture. But that will be under wraps until it gets underway. So yea.

I have a bunch of weddings and parties to attend, which is awesome. Both weddings are for ladies I went to school with. One is next month while the other is January (which I am taking part in as a bridesmaid) AMEN TO NO BRIDEZILLA's. Another one of my friends has caught "The Baby". So we are planning a get-together for her being all awesome for having a bundle of joy. Then there are two bachelorette parties which will be crazy awesome.

Then my final plan is to be more assertive in my life, work place and (so called, none existent) love life. So I am reading a book which is kinda like an Assertive Training Course. So we will see how that works out. HMMM.


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