Friday, September 27, 2013

Draft Post - Spec-tang-ular

Dear Readers,

I know most of you have seen the Spectacular video with that Pretty Ricky member dancing up in his red Draws like it is free hump night at the Gay Club. But I was going through one of the girls I follow on blogger and found this video:

This was mad funny I had to watch it through my fingers. I couldnt stop laughin. omg. And I love how he said "this is for the two guys from Brokeback Mountain (which I havent seen yet) and maybe Prince" LOL!!!

OH and then that nucca has the audacity to bring out a PART 2. SERIOUSLY what is on his mind:

Find more videos like this on Pretty Ricky's Official Community

This was just as bad as the first one but he is ... and I repeat he is wearing black boxers, and I can assume that this nucca is gettin a hard on from humpin the poor chair. Seriously...ohhh and dont forget it is FOR THE LADIES!! AS IF!!!



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