Saturday, September 28, 2013

How People Disappear

Now this is an interesting topic right here. What would stop me from just going missing? Just changing my name and go to a different country with limited (to no) internet access. Just drop off the grid. Well I wouldn't do that because of my strong family ties and I would not want to cause any hurt to my family.

But then I would love to know what people think of me if I died. The thought of my obituary coming on Observer Radio (the local radio station) and just wait to see what happens on my facebook, twitter, and even here on my blogger. We have turned out to become such a Social Society that everything is posted on these social network. In the video it was interesting to see the actual thing which caused Marcus Garvey to pass on.

I remember of a situation in Antigua where this young lady went missing. Up to this day no one knows where her body is nor what happened to her. It was reported that she went out with a guy and they ended up at the beach late at night. A police had patrolled the beach late that night and found the car there vacant. For some reason they had popped the trunk and found the guy with a bullet hole in the head and NO signs of the young lady. There has been so many rumors about that night such as she was kidnapped, or she was killed and buried out at see (that placing weights on the body and dropping the person out at sea) or even she is in another country living a different life. Could have been a situation where a drug bust was witnessed or even things went sour and she fled. But I am not one to follow to rumors or even state them as fact. They are all speculations and opinions that may not even be true.

Well, enjoy this video and please do not disappear.


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