Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fri 29th - Sat 30th Jan 2010


WHat a wweeeekkkeeennnnddd!!!!

Went out for drinks, got food, waited for the shuttle, got in an ambulance, spent 10 hrs at the hospital. DAAMMMNNN

So let me give you the piece by piece. And I give the disclaimer here. You cannot use this as evidence against anyone!!! Especially the bar.

So Friday morning I wake up and go on to my computer and notice ... no internet. The internet is down alll through the village. So I decided I am going to study. yes study. So I am there reading my book and keeping my eye on the yahoo widget on my pc to see when the internet was going to turn back on. So I saw the internet turn on and I texted Bn that the internet is back (this is the afternoon) yes i studied from morning to afternoon. lol Suprisingly yesterday I was in such a depressed mood that I was really in the mood to hurt myself. So I looked at my phone and noticed my mom had sent me a text in the morning tellling me I made the Dean's List last tri. Yes I do that shit :) So I texted my mom back saying that I am not sure if I am going to make deans list again this tri cause it has just gotten HARD. But I am trying. I am trying. I was sooo depressed. So mom called my dad and told him to call me and I never felt soo happy that I was talking to my dad. I always go to my mom for comfort but my dad just hit the spot. I even started to cry (I dont think he knew that) Then when I got off the phone with my dad I cried some more. What a pussi i am. I then decided to listen to some LP (Linkin Park for those who are Rock Impaired) Cranked that up so I couldnt hear anything.

Then I got a text from Bn asking where I am going tonite. So I told her I was going to go to City Cafe in the city. She asked if she could come and I said sure. Then I started singing one of LPs songs where it was talking about being alone. She probably heard me and said Oh you probably want to be by yourself, so I wont come. I responded saying noooo come, I not gonna see anyone I know there so she should come.

So I told her I was going to exercise (Slim in 6) and then get ready. So Betsy asked me if I wanted biscuits and I said sure food before drinks. So she gave me her chicken and her biscuits. {GOD I AM SLEEPY} So I went to exercise and then went around to get the food, came back to my room and ate. Then went to bath and this chick Bn starts rushing me when I start putting on my makeup. So I am like ok she is not going to mess with my head right now. So we went downstairs in some of our lightest jackets, Bo said ohhh look a full moon (the first for the year I should say) and we were waiting for the bus to come and it didnt come so we went upstairs to put on better jackets and gloves. We came back down and could the bus to Geabe and this dude came on the bus at the Harbourside main campus and he didnt have his ID so the bus driver made him had to full out a form and show his Id to prove who he wrote down is who he is. SO next thing he asks to sit right next to me almost sitting ON me. so he did all that for the driver and as he passed you can smell weed on him and his friends said he was drunk. So he went by his friends near the back of the bus and I looked back and saw the most bewildered look on Bo's face andshe was like wtf. She was soo mad that there was soo many seats in the bus and he chose to sit next to her. lol sooo funny.

{OK I am lacking so much sleep I will have to do part 2 tomorrow morning when i wake up. So i will holla at you in the morning.}



P.S. it gets juicy shit happened after that.
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