Sunday, March 14, 2010

20 things I hate about society

This I got from Bunnies cant write blogs!!! AND it is sooo true!!!

  1. Body size and appearance: Excuse me? I’m assuming by “body” you mean “skeleton”, correct? I do not like living in a world where we are expected to be stick thin. And we’re surrounded by gorgeous people. Being beautiful is basically an expectation now.
  2. : You’re 4. Get the fuck out of that beauty pageant. You wear more makeup than drag queens. I don’t like when 4 year olds are prettier than me.
  3. Fitting in: I’m going to make a really cheesy analogy and compare the world to a puzzle, because in a way, it is. If you think about it, we’re all like puzzle pieces, you just need to find where you fit in. Anyone who has ever made a puzzle has had that one piece that you thought went somewhere and kept trying to force it to fit, but then you realized it fit somewhere entirely different. That’s what we do to ourselves. We try so hard to be something we’re not and force ourselves to fit where we don’t belong.
  4. Everybody is fake: Celebrities without makeup shouldn’t be a magazine cover. When you go out without makeup and your hair up, it shouldn’t be a shock. It’s natural. Get over it.
  5. Reality shows: I admit it, some reality shows (such a Jersey Shore, FIIIIST PUMP!) are my guilty pleasure. I’m ashamed of it though. They’re so fucking stupid. THIS is what TV has become? That’s sad.
  6. : ….. you’re sixteen and pregnant. You do not deserve to be on a TV show. Thank you, MTV, for promoting teen pregnancy. What a great world we live in.
  7. Too much to do: We are constantly busy. I always make time for myself (probably more time than I should…) but we’re always expected to be doing something productive. I have to make time for myself. I shouldn’t have to make time, that’s ridiculous. You should not be too busy for yourself.
  8. Kids are forced to grow up too fast: (this was the best example I had for a picture, hush) Don’t even try to say this isn’t true. When you’re 13, you shouldn’t be worrying about college already. And the amount of stress kids are put under and work we’re given? It’s fucking bullshit.
  9. : This is not relevant to my interests, why am I being forced to learn it in school?
  10. We are too dependent on technology: This is hypocritical of me considering I don’t know what I’d do without my iPod, phone, and computer, BUUUT that doesn’t change the fact that I hate how dependent I am on them. And technology is getting too smart. I swear, one day the world is going to be taken over by robots.
  11. The world is moving too fast: Watch this.
  12. Social networks: This is hypocritical again, oh well. Tumblr doesn’t count for this one. I can’t talk to 99.9% of you face to face and this is the only way we can talk. But when it’s people I know in real life, I don’t want to talk to you on Facebook. Call me or come hang out. The worst are people you never see that message you once every 6 months saying “OMG I MISS YOU SO MUCH!”. Then fucking get off Facebook and make plans with me, you douche waffle.
  13. Competitiveness: Everything is competitive now. It’s stupid.
  14. : I can’t even listen to the radio anymore. All they play is bubbly pop and meaningless rap. Take your mainstream shit and shove it up your ass.
  15. Music: Lyrics mean nothing. If you have a good beat and catchy lyrics, you have a hit. Or you could just sing about drugs and hookers. “Don’t fuck with me cause right now I’m higher than Captain Curk. I swear I be the sickest nigga, you can ask the nurse“…? get out of my life.
  16. hEy gU1z! mAh nAm3 izz m1Ch@3ll@!: Children don’t know how to speak English anymore.
  17. No one reads anymore: It’s hard to find people who enjoy reading and read a ton of books. Twilight and The Last Song do not count… That just eliminated 97% of the girls in my grade.
  18. Stereotypes: You can’t just be ‘you’ anymore. There’s always some other label to go along with it.
  19. : I have two points to make about our dear friend, Tiger Woods. One: Is it really that hard to be faithful to one person? Apparently so.
    Two: He cheated on his wife? Okay, great. Why am I hearing about this for months? It’s called a personal life, stay the fuck out of it. I don’t care what’s going on in their marriage, or where people get their groceries. When they’re at home, they’re a regular person. Please treat them like one.
  20. This is your kid’s role model: Do you not see the impact this has on kids? They’re going to end up like this —>. … I am not going to live in a world where prostitutes have more class than most 9 year olds.


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