Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random everyday thoughts

Today i was on the bus coming back to my dorm and I looked inside someones car and I saw the father driving, the mother in the passenger seat and the baby in the car-seat in the back. I couldnt help but think that it can be safe like that but it would be safer if the mother was sitting in the back with the child. I think that when i have a child (dont know when but when i do) I will make sure to sit in the back with the baby.

But then I was thinking what would happen if you are driving and you see a yellow light but still go through the light but not fast enough and then you get hit by someone who is speeding. Who would be in the wrong first. The person speeding (even though they got a green light or the person with the red light and driving at an average speed? And when I mean speeding I mean the Speed Limit is 50mph and the person is driving and 70-75mph.

These are just a few of the random thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis. But not all my thoughts can be said verbally because ppl would say that I am "weird" or that i am "stupid" :( But I am not ... am I?? Gosh I am sad. :(

I was even going through my past entries and noticed that these 3 months I made almost the same amount of blog entries as I did in the whole of 2009. WOW!!!

Does that mean that I am a blog addict?? Nooo, this means that I am more depressed that I ever been in the whole time I been blogging. I am not the same and probably wont be the same anytime soon. Damn I am soooooo fucking cold! :( and the cold is getting me sick :( If i had the ability I would just start a fire of all my school books in my room just to warm up :( GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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