Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The torture we women put our selves through. Gosh!!!

My roommate and I are going to the gym 3 times in the weekdays and everyday on the weekends. Then I went to get a package and my friend was like oohhh do you wanna go kickboxing with me and power Pilates . So I agreed but just now she was saying that she wanted to try it before she actually joined which I wanna do as well. My roomy also wanna do the Yoga. SO I agreed because I was always curious about it!!!So that is the gym and then like when I find out how hectic my schedule will be I will start doing the Slim in 6 again. (I know I am psycho) but after this break and I saw how big my stomach was getting I was like this is not going to work.

However today I had a yogurt for breakfast then was in a 4 hr class then had a can of campbells soup and then went to the gym after 40 mins I was feeling a slight pain in my stomach but then after 10 more mins I felt like i was dying. OMG DYING!!! So I stopped. Yesterday I did 55 mins on the treadmill and today I did the treadmill and the bike. So I came back and checked the amount of calories were in the soup. Oh how fun 120 cal. no wonder I was feeling pain. I was hungry!!! So I had a tuna sandwich. yay!!!! Well I going to rest a bit and then probably start dinner.


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