Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ranting Youtube!!

YAY!!! The weekend is almost here!!! YAY!!!

Well I am just here to rant a lil and just be myself for a while.(I have been myself all the time but sometimes you just wanna be someone else).

So I am wondering why Antiguan people who live in the states (or studying) love to go on like they dont know you or are too good to be around other Antiguan ppl!!! I found one and the bitch dont talk to me. I know she Antiguan she knows i am Antiguan but she just a fuckin rasss!!!! She fat rasshole cunt!!! XD but i found another chick who her mom told me that she was up here and she is the roommate of my Food Service group partner's friend (who is also in our class). So I looked her up and saw who her friends were and decided that this chick might not even wanna talk to me. SO I still added her to my fb but I wouldnt be surprised if she doesnt respond back and denies my request. You know why because she probably feels to high soci and "nuff and edge up" (for non-antiguans : "feel too good to associate with other ppl")

OK My ranting is done!!!

So I dunno if you have noticed about the youtube upgrade so I will show you a vid that shows the improvements that happening with youtube.


Well I have a paper to do and then start some research so I will holla at yall tomorrow!! :D


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