Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friends and conforming

I have over 1300 friends on FB and my brother had shown me this video.

Plus it doesnt help that I was mainly depressed that I know so much people but I hardly have any friends. :(
Some of the people I see as friends and truly have my back I still feel distant from them because I am rarely ever show my true personality to them because they will never understand or they will judge me for it. I HATE PPL WHO JUDGE ME AND OTHERS WITHOUT KNOWING ANYTHING ABOUT ME OR OTHERS.

My friend Gr told me that in his book it is bad to conform but I am so soft that I cant help but conform. After conforming and pasting a smile on my face for so long I get tired and just begin to snap and when you snap for a certain amount of time you end up breaking down. That is what I ended up doing. But I am over with this bullshit. I am going to try and find out who I am and hope I find people who loves me for me (other than my family because they have no choice but to love me for who I am and want to be)


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