Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cloves: Simple fashion tips for a fashionable and stylish 2010: What not to wear

This one in interesting.

New year, new you, improved style. This new year, resolve to have a stylish and fashionable year. Here are a few tips.

1. Dress for your figure/body- Not the body you wish you had, not Alicia Key’s body, but yours. Shop for clothes that fit you well. Instead of spending more money on new clothes that may not fit you right, get the clothes in your wardrobe tailored. Keep your look comfortable classy and chic.

2. Wear the right undergarments in the correct size - When shopping for underwear, try to buy the correct size. For women, it is a good idea to get measured for bust sizes to avoid unnecessary discomfort. It is amazing what the right bra can do for one's figure.

3. Invest in structured classic pieces for your wardrobe. Don't fall prey to fads and fickle trends. Invest in a few pieces that transcend seasons. That little BLACK dress, two good suits - in grey, navy and/or BLACK, a good trusted pair of jeans, a nice blouse and a good pair of pumps. If possible, when it comes to classic wardrobe pieces, spend a little more money on them - clothes and accessories that are well-made are usually a little more expensive, but there is a reason - they are constructed well and will last for many years. You get more use out of well-made pieces and they pay off in the long run. Don't buy 100 dresses at $5 a pop only for them to disintegrate after 5 washes. Quality over quantity.

4. Infuse some color into your wardrobe. Not ready to wear a yellow dress? Then just do something subtle and punch up your outfit with a yellow belt or clutch.

5. Take a cue from some of your favorite fashion magazines, celebrity or local stylists and red carpet events.

6. Love the body you have. Resolve to stay healthy and fit.

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